Our clients are for life not just for Christmas

I don’t like mentioning the C-word when it is a crisp 23C degrees outside and the office air conditioning is working overtime but Christmas is coming, there is no denying it.

Last week, my wife and I were horrified to find that our local supermarket is already stocking Christmas cards!

Every year, recruitment agencies are inundated with clients looking for temporary seasonal workers in the run up to the big day.

After the tinsel and the turkey is all done, most recruitment agencies forget about these clients and hope that they will pick up the phone when the clocks go back the following year.

At SaVi Recruitment, we have a different approach. Whether a client requires workers for one month of the year or the whole year they are still a client and deserve a personal, effective and professional service.

We don’t turn our back on our clients just because they might not have an ongoing need, we value our relationship with you and want to preserve that for as long as we can.

Our team take the time to understand your needs and make sure that we stay in touch as often as you want us to, that might only be a two minute call once a month but it the little things that go a long way in this industry.

We are recruitment consultants and are happy to advise and help you to ensure you get the right staffing solution for your business.

If you are starting to plan your Christmas staffing needs and are looking for a reliable, trustworthy recruiter who won’t turn their back on you as soon as Auld Lang Syne has been sung then be sure to give SaVi Recruitment a call.

We have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to exceed your expectations this year, giving you one less thing to worry about at a time when you have the most to do.