SaVi Recruitment

SaVi is able to provide your business with talented staff quicker and more reliably than any other agency.

How? Traditional agencies are losing traction with old-fashioned job boards and cumbersome databases that are simply not picking up the talented people your business needs to thrive. By combining the latest digital and social media recruitment tools, we are successfully delivering for more and more clients by opening up networks of candidates missed by other agencies.

There is no reason in the 21st Century why your business should not have access to all the skills and talent it needs to thrive. We live in a fast-paced, rapidly changing business world, and you need an agency that can keep up. We make sure our candidates have the right profile for your vacancy and can begin driving your business forward from day one.

We will be with you every step of the way, from identifying your skills needs right through to ongoing support as your new candidate settles into their role.

The support your business will receive will go on improving, as we challenge our processes and make sure we are always trying to go one better.

In an increasingly competitive business world where accessing the right skills is crucial to success, we will give you that edge.

  • Scott Saunders
    Scott Saunders Managing Director
  • Victoria Saunders
    Victoria Saunders Office Manager / Payroll Manager
  • Paul Smyth Senior Industrial Consultant
  • Sam Ridler
    Sam Ridler Senior Commercial Consultant
  • Owen Saunders
    Owen Saunders Trainee Consultant
  • Naomi McSeveney
    Naomi McSeveney Recruitment Resourcer